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HD Wireless Chromecast Connector

9,92 $


You bought a TV long time ago and it works well with you, but it is missing smart Technology?
HD Wireless Chromecast connector will transform your old TV into a new one without having to buy another one.

Convert your old TV to Smart
You can play movies, music and songs from YouTube, and you can also display anything on the screen
Suitable for entertainment at home and for meetings at work and courses
Suitable for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac
It will let you watch movies, songs, photos and anything else on your jazz
It will make you play with more enjoyment when you bring it to the screen
You can control it from your mobile
Supports WiFi
the description:
HD Wireless Chromecast Connector
It supports Google play apps, You Tube, Spotify, Hulu, Pandora


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