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Redmi headphone with screen

10,33 $


A modern headset from Redmi, suitable for all mobile phones, with sound insulation and a mike for receiving calls, its operating time is up to 4 hours, with a new design with a digital screen to monitor the status of the battery.

Compatible with all Android & IOS mobiles
– The headset supports Siri , Google assist
The headphones come with high-definition stereo technology, which means that you will separate them completely.
– The headset has a noise canceling system to prevent any snoring or noise in calls.
– Each headset contains a microphone, to receive calls in a clear voice.
– The earphone box can be charged in an hour and the earphone will be charged wirelessly up to 3 times.
It is modern and has a sensor touch that will be able to play and stop songs, answer calls and lock them, and of course turn on and stop videos from them.
– It is very practical and its weight is light, meaning you can go running or exercise in the gym and nothing will happen to it.. and you can use each of them separately.
Headphone runtime 4 hours.
the description
Brand: Redmi
black color
Package Content:
Headphone – Charging Connector


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