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Smart Watch M4 band + Power Bank + Hand Bage

12.81 $

PZX 10400 Power Bank Offer + Smart Watch M4 band + Hand Jeep Bag, everything you need in one offer.

Watch features:
Light on the hand, you will not feel it.
The watch will work on IOS and Android systems.
The watch will work with you for 4 to 7 days continuously, and you can charge it in an hour.
The watch screen is operated by touch.
Heart rate measurement.
Blood pressure measurement.
Calculating the steps of walking, running or cycling (step + kilometer).
Calculate the calories burned daily.
Show notifications of mobile applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Wechat).
The number will appear if you get a call.
Vibrate feature when there are notifications.
HD Screen high quality.
The battery is in standby mode for up to 30 days.
It has a phone search feature because if you don’t remember where your phone is going.
Through the watch, you will be able to visualize from a distance.
The watch is splash resistant.
Watch Description:
Package height 2.4 cm
Package width 7.4 cm
Not suitable for swimming
Application support language: English
TBAND, Lefun Health, or hryfine are the programs that power the watch.
Features of PZX 10400 Power Bank
Your mobile will be charged all day long
Power bank fast shipment
Mobile security
The power bank, no matter how much you charge with it, it does not hum the mobile or overheat the battery
the description
Battery Capacity: 10400 mAh
Color: random
The content of the package
power bank pzx 10400
charger connection
Features of Hand Jeep Bag
A practical bag with a special size that meets all your needs
Waterproof material, you can charge your money and your mobile from any amount
Practical in use with distinctive details that suit all your clothes
Its chic and trendy look will add a special touch to your outfit
You will not dispense with it on your trips
5 zippers of different sizes
Flexible and comfortable hand bag that will not tire you out
Large zippers for notes, notes and larger items
Medium zipper for money and pens to suffice your needs
Small zipper for silver and keys..
Zippers from noon to the mobile and easily reach it
The highest material, quality and finish live with you
Product Description
Hand bag Jeep
Material: waterproof
Color: gray
Dimensions: 24*13*7


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